Preconstruction Meeting Check List

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1.  Signed/stamped Calvert Soil Conservation District (CSCD) approved plans onsite and available at all times.

2. The project management representative(s) will follow all requirements of the approved plans and will not proceed with any earth-moving activity until approval is received from Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE). NO changes to the approved plans, construction sequence, or any modification or removal of controls can be made without the expressed knowledge and written approval by CSCD. Adherence will be strictly enforced.

3. As a matter of policy, CSCD does not approve field revisions at the preconstruction meeting other than for very minor changes to make the plan work, such as relocating earth dikes, silt fences, or stockpiles. In order to avoid delays at the start of construction due to the need for redline plan revision approvals, it is important for the contractor and the owner/developer to advise the engineer as the sediment control plan takes shape.

4. The MDE Inspector must be contacted for inspection of the installation of the erosion and sediment controls PRIOR to proceeding with grading of the site and upon final stabilization prior to removal of sediment controls at least 48 hours in advance.

5. Erosion and sediment control plans EXPIRE two (2) years from their approval date. It is the applicant’s responsibility to renew the permit thirty (30) days prior to its expiration. Failure to do so will result in work stoppage and/or penalties imposed by MDE.

6. The owner/agent is responsible for contacting any/all regulatory agencies as required and having the applicable approvals in-hand BEFORE commencing project. Below is a list of agency contacts:

MDE: 410-537-3510 DPW 410-535-2204

Wetland Issues: 410-537-3819 P&Z: 410-535-2348

SMECO: 1-888-440-3311 I&P: 410-535-2155

7. Stabilization is required within seven (7) days for all perimeter controls and for slopes greater than 3:1 and within fourteen (14) days for all other inactive, disturbed, or graded areas in the project site.

8. Individuals who should be in attendance at the preconstruction meeting include:

  • Owner/developer
  • On-site construction supervisor
  • Green Card holder, if other than person (a) or (b) above
  • Contractor representative

9. Topics of discussion at preconstruction meeting:

  • Compliance with all required permits (NOI, Wetland Permits, FRA, etc.). All permits to be on site.
  • Review of and adherence to the approved sequence of construction
  • Implementation and continued maintenance of controls
  • Stabilization requirements
  • Self-inspection requirements and maintaining records
  • Need for open communication between field personnel and CSCD

10. Topic of discussion by other Calvert County Departments or State of Maryland Departments:

  • Road construction inspection requirements
  • State highway access
  • Installation of Traffic and Maintenance Protection & Inspection
  • Public Utilities
  • Forest Retention Areas (FRAs)
  • Specimen and Champion Trees
  • Wetlands &Wetland Buffers – Streams and Stream Buffers
  • Steep Slopes (25% or greater/ 15% or greater within Critical Area)
  • Critical Area Buffer
  • Any other environmentally sensitive areas as identified on approved plans
  • Marking of L.O.D. (clearly visible and accurate)