Agriculture is considered one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States. According to the National Safety Council, annually, there are 850 deaths and 140,000 disabling injuries.  When disability strikes a farm family, everything changes, except perhaps the desire to continue farming.  Recognizing that drive and the farmers, the national AgrAbility Project was established with approval of the 1990 Farm Bill.  The goal is to inform, educate and assist farmers and farm workers with disabilities as well as their families, so they can continue to lead successful careers in agriculture and contribute to their families, communities and nation.

What does AgrAbility Do?

Though farming is physically demanding, modern technology can make it possible for a farmer with a physical limitation or health condition to stay on the farm and keep working.  AgrAbility finds ways to make farmers work possible by adapting farm equipment to a farmer's needs and funding the modifications.  They also provide important training and support.

Who can help us?  (Maryland AgrAbility Regional Contacts):

Coit Custer- Resources for Independence (301)784-1774
or contact Calvert SCD at (410)535-1521, ext. 3